Tablet Coaching: The Web Browser

Today, we discussed more about the ‘core apps’ that are installed on every Tablet. Today’s topic was the Web Browser and how to make the most of it when surfing the ‘net.

Laptop Coaching: More About Malware!


Today, we continued discussing how to stay safe online. Having discussed the evolution of viruses last week, this time around, we concentrated on how to spot malware, why you should (almost) never click on an ‘unsubscribe’ button and the power of the ‘Malwarebytes App’.

Laptop Coaching: eMail – the Final Lesson


Today, in our (slightly extended) final lesson for the family, we practised, practised and practised sending and receiving eMails.

Tablet Coaching: Core Apps – Photos

Today, we looked at the many features of the ‘Photo App’ and why it is better than the old ‘Gallery App’.

Laptop Coaching: Staying Safe online (Part 1)


Today, we began discussing the principles of staying safe online. This included understanding the differences between ‘a virus’ and ‘malware’. This topic will continue in a future lesson.

Laptop Coaching: eMail


In their penultimate lesson, the family practised their skills of sending emails under silent observation.

Tablet Coaching: Google Maps


Continuing our theme of ‘core-apps’ on an Android Tablet, today, we looked at the all-powerful ‘Google Maps’ program.