Coming Soon… Blog 3: ‘Giving and Receiving Feedback’

Hot on the heels of our first blog covering leadership and our second, discussing assertiveness, we’re pleased to let you know that the next in our series: ‘Sex, Five Leaf Clovers & Wimbledon’ discussing the skills of feedback, will be posted shortly on The Career Practice’s website. We’ll let you know when it’s available.

Workshop: Presenting with Impact

Working with Rapport Training Ltd, our two-day workshop is aimed at Graduate and Trainee managers who, as part of their professional development are seeking to improve their impact when carrying-out formal business presentations.

The Workshop covers the essentials for a successful presentation including:
– Structuring the Presentation
– Using the Voice for Maximum Effect
– Body-Language for Presenters
– The Essentials of an Effective Visual Aid
– Controlling Stage-Fright

This Workshop gives delegates three opportunities to present and includes structured feedback on their performances.

Audience size: 5

Duration: Two days

Client: Infrastructure Services

Workshop: Recruiting the Right Person

Target audience: Existing managers who are seeking ways to improve their interviewing technique and enhance their department’s overall recruitment process.

Audience size: 3

Duration: Two days

Client: Experienced Managers

Location: Daventry, Northamptonshire, England

The Workshop covers topics such as: the process of interviewing; developing a persona specification; creating an advert; questioning and listening skills; CV analysis; effective body language for interviewers. The workshop also includes an opportunity to carry out an interview supplemented with feedback from the interviewEE.

‘Stepping into Management’ Programme

Feedback from three of the delegates who attended our 12 month bespoke programme:

“SiM is a fantastic programme that is a MUST for all new up-and-coming managers, even existing and current ones.”

”Just thought I’d say a quick thank you for all your support over the past year. I would just like to say that it has been the most enjoyable/relevant course I have been on, to better myself and my department in all areas.”

”I have to say the course is superb and has been the most informative and enjoyable courses I have had. It has helped me become a more mature manager and filled some gaps in my knowledge and skills, and has also helped me to overcome my fears of having to prepare and carry out a business presentation amongst many other things, and has given me more confidence when dealing with both customers and my colleagues.”

Stepping into Management is our client-specific bespoke series of modules designed to give newly appointed managers the knowledge, skills and confidence to build-on and improve their management ability

‘Stepping into Management’ Programme

We received this feedback today, unsolicited, from the boss of three of the delegates:

“I am extremely proud of the way they have committed themselves to this hugely beneficial programme, and to pass with such high grades confirms their commitment to the programme.

I know talking to the boys they have found this programme highly beneficial and enjoyable and I pass on my congratulations to you and your team for making it so.

I know they will implement everything they have learnt to make us a better stronger business and give them confidence as they take more responsibility in the running of our business.”

Stepping into Management is our client-specific bespoke series of modules designed to give newly appointed managers the knowledge, skills and confidence to build-on and improve their management ability

Stepping into Management – Interviewing for Success

Target audience: Those new to the role of recruitment interviewing, or those who have been interviewing but without formal training.

Audience size: 4

Duration: Two days

Client: Automotive

Location: Daventry, Northamptonshire, England

The Workshop discusses best practice interviewing techniques and processes.

The workshop covers the:

– Interviewing process from identifying the vacancy to post-interview activities
– Difference between a job description and a person specification
– Effective interviewing environment
– Design of an advert for maximum response
– Dos and don’ts of CV writing and presentation
– Process and practice of short-listing
– Creation of an Interview Checklist

The workshop also includes mandatory completion of an e-learning package covering Employment Law and an opportunity to carry out a live interview with a prospective employee. Afterwards, the learner receives feedback not only from their peers and tutor, but also (uniquely) the candidate they have just interviewed.

Live Observations

We’ve just completed a series of sessions observing experienced product managers from the road construction industry deliver training sessions to their customers.

The purpose of our sessions was to observe their delivery style as Trainers and offer them 1-to-1 feedback on their technique.

Duration: Two days

Client: Road Construction

Location: Eskilstuna, Sweden

Timetable agreed

We heard back today from one of our clients to confirm the schedule and timescales for my visit to Eskilstuna, Sweden in a few weeks’ time.

I’ll be observing product managers (PMs) delivering their specialised topics to their customers with a view to offering the PMs, feedback on their performance as Trainers.

The nice thing about all of this is that the PMs themselves asked for this event, as a result of the very positive feedback from the two modules covering ‘trainer skills’ that I ran for them earlier this year.

Workshop: Delivering Effective Training (Part 2)

Target audience: Product Specialists

Audience size: 9

Duration: Three days, residential

Client: Construction Equipment

Location: Cologne, Germany

Part One was run in February 2010 and this was the concluding module, leading to certification and delivered to an internationally based English-speaking audience.
Feedback after event direct to the client included:

“Absolutely fantastic…”,
“Really good…”
“Strongly motivating…”
“Very clear…”,
“easily understood…”,
“Totally professional…”

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We’re used to getting good feedback on our end-of-course questionnaires, but it’s especially nice when a delegate takes the time to write-in to the client, un-prompted:

I would just like to commend Steve Palmer on the course ran on 9/10th June I think this was a highly motivational, useful and on the whole relevant and complimentary to our working practice. I also thought it was an extremely well planned and well delivered course and as such I felt able to contribute and I get a great deal out of it…”