Laptop Coaching: eMail


In their penultimate lesson, the family practised their skills of sending emails under silent observation.

Laptop Coaching: 1-to-1s

Technology Coach

Today, we took a break from the Programme and concentrated on individual PC-related issues.

Technology Classes: 2016

I’m restarting my technology classes in a few weeks.

Monday, 15th February: NEW Monday Class (A few spaces left)

Tuesday, 16th February: Existing Tuesday Class from 2015 (Full!)

I’m also carrying out some 1-to-1s over the next month covering Laptops and Android Tablets.

Tablets: Play Store


It was a small class this afternoon, so I had a real opportunity to carry out some one-to-one coaching, and I concentrated on Google’s Play Store.

Computer Coaching: Keyboard Skills

Today, we took a tour round the keyboard of a typical PC and applied it to some word-processing tasks.

Computer Coaching: Recap – Word Processing

WordProcessA small class today (due mostly to holidays), so everyone got a bit more personal tuition. We concentrated on recapping on a previous module covering Word-Processing. Specifically, understanding and using the various toolbar icons in Word and Wordpad.

Computer Coaching: 1-to-1

Another ‘1-to-1’ today working with a new Pupil who has recently left the Army and treated himself to a shiny new laptop.