Business Numbers terminated

With our BT business contract up for renewal, and the business now closed, we terminated the two business lines today – 312788 (calls) and 312799 (data). If you need to get in touch, use our home number!


The Door is now Closed

Although we officially closed the Business on the 31st December last year, it’s taken a while to get around to decommissioning the Home-Office.

This was resolved today as now having donated all my business books to good causes, all that was left to do was remove the custom-built furniture and the various tech, franking machine and stationery.

With David, my neighbour’s help, 95% of the furniture was transferred to the on-site skip leaving the room strangely echo-ey and feeling a lot larger – with just the PCs remaining in situ but looking incredibly lonely!

The final farewell to SPA Ltd will involve re-siting the remaining tech and removing the carpet.

Hopefully with the assistance of Painters, Decorators, Plumbers and Electricians, we should have a fully functional guest bedroom in around four weeks.

Workshop: Social Media Excellence

Working with The Career Practice, we’ve just finished delivering our one-day ’Social Media Excellence’ workshop in London.

A great group of delegates who were fantastic to work with and very motivated to learn more about how the three major social media platforms work – LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

The workshop majored on how to maximise personal presence across social media, including plenty of practical tips and ‘how-tos’ from an individual’s perspective.

Our next workshop is scheduled for quarter 1 2013. Delegate numbers are kept deliberately low, so book now to avoid disappointment. 

Audience size: 5

Duration: One day

Client: Middle/Senior Management


Workshop: Assessment and Coaching Skills

Target audience: Those responsible for formally assessing and coaching staff and/or colleagues at work.

Audience size: 7

Duration: Two days

Client: Automotive

The Workshop includes practical hands-on experience with the client’s on-line assessment tool. This is complemented by a discussion-based workshop covering the essential knowledge, skills and behaviours of the successful coach.

The final session includes the construction of a personal action-plan.