Blog… Blog… Blog…

We’re spending most of our time this week planning and drafting blogs for future publication on The Career Practice’s website.

Specifically, we’re drafting ‘Using The Johari Window’ and ‘Meeting your Team for the First Time’.


Coming Soon… Blog 3: ‘Giving and Receiving Feedback’

Hot on the heels of our first blog covering leadership and our second, discussing assertiveness, we’re pleased to let you know that the next in our series: ‘Sex, Five Leaf Clovers & Wimbledon’ discussing the skills of feedback, will be posted shortly on The Career Practice’s website. We’ll let you know when it’s available.

Workshop: Working Together Assertively

Working on behalf of Rapport Training Ltd, this two-day workshop is aimed at Graduate and Trainee Managers who, as part of their professional development are seeking to improve their assertiveness skills and make their business meetings even more effective.

The Workshop covers the following:
What is Assertiveness? (and what isn’t it?)
’Rights’ associated with behaving assertively
Making Assertive requests
Responding Assertively
Questioning Skills
Listening Skills 
Feedback Skills

The Process for Effective Meetings
The Ingredients for the Perfect Meeting
The Importance of/Construction of Agendas
Managing Behaviours at Meetings

Audience size: 8

Duration: Two days

Client: Infrastructure Services (Civil Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Mechanical Engineers)

Design: Discovering and Using Social Networking Workshop

I’m in ‘design mode’ this week, collaborating with The Career Practice to design and co-deliver a one-day Workshop, with specific emphasis on using them for job-searching.

If you want to know the similarities and differences between what’s on offer from the major social networking providers, this could be for you! The Workshop will be a ‘hands-on’ day with plenty of opportunity to get to grips with the technology.

Workshops are starting in September.