Stepping into Management – Validation Event

Today, and for the next two-days, the managers-to-be that I’ve coached in people-skills over the past twelve-months will be put through their paces.

We are a using series of case studies, an On-the-Job Project, knowledge tests, and a formal presentation to see how much they’ve learned and put into practice. We will also review their Action Plans and discuss their views about the training they’ve received to date.

A full-on couple of days – but SO essential  to assess their change in performance.

Wishing them luck!

Coaching: 1 to 1 – Developing an Effective Team

I worked with an experienced NHS Nurse today on part two of her personal development plan. Today, we covered ‘Building an Effective Team’ – this followed-on from our first session in September last year, where we covered leadership and motivation.

Topics covered today, included:

¨ What is a Team?

¨ Why Teams Sometimes Fail

¨ Essential Ingredients for Teams to Succeed

¨ Team Characteristics – Eight Key Questions for Managers

¨ SWOT Process and Analysis

¨ Team Models: Research into High Performing Teams

¨ Team Mission Statements: Pros and Cons

¨ Setting Performance Objectives

¨ Managing Expectations

¨ Analysing your Support Network

¨ Measuring Team Effectiveness

¨ The Team Development Process Model