Workshop: Delivering Effective Training

Target Audience: Product Specialists

Audience size: 4

Duration: Three days

Client: Construction Equipment

Location: Eskilstuna, Sweden

This is part-two of a two-part series of modules designed to take product experts and presenters and ‘move them’ towards becoming a professional trainer.

Part One was held in Eskilstuna in March 2012.


Unsolicited Feedback

From a delegate, currently working as a sales consultant who has just completed our twelve-month stepping-into-management development programme:

“Thank you for all your support over the past 14 months or so, the whole experience has been incredibly valuable to me and I’m excited with what the future might hold…”

Stepping into Management – Validation Event

Today, and for the next two-days, the managers-to-be that I’ve coached in people-skills over the past twelve-months will be put through their paces.

We are a using series of case studies, an On-the-Job Project, knowledge tests, and a formal presentation to see how much they’ve learned and put into practice. We will also review their Action Plans and discuss their views about the training they’ve received to date.

A full-on couple of days – but SO essential  to assess their change in performance.

Wishing them luck!

Coaching: 1 to 1 – Developing an Effective Team

I worked with an experienced NHS Nurse today on part two of her personal development plan. Today, we covered ‘Building an Effective Team’ – this followed-on from our first session in September last year, where we covered leadership and motivation.

Topics covered today, included:

¨ What is a Team?

¨ Why Teams Sometimes Fail

¨ Essential Ingredients for Teams to Succeed

¨ Team Characteristics – Eight Key Questions for Managers

¨ SWOT Process and Analysis

¨ Team Models: Research into High Performing Teams

¨ Team Mission Statements: Pros and Cons

¨ Setting Performance Objectives

¨ Managing Expectations

¨ Analysing your Support Network

¨ Measuring Team Effectiveness

¨ The Team Development Process Model