Workshop: Essential Learning Theory (Part 1)

Target Audience: Product Specialists

Audience size: 6

Duration: Two days

Client: Construction Equipment

Location: Eskilstuna, Sweden

This is part-one of a two-part series of modules designed to take product experts and presenters and give the knowledge, skills and confidence to develop their role towards a professional trainer.

Part-two will be held in May 2012, also in Eskilstuna, Sweden.


Final Preparations: Learning Theory

We’re making final preparations here this week, for our ‘Learning Theory’ Workshop in two weeks’ time. The event is aimed at product experts looking to improve their ability to train others. This is the first of two Workshops – the second, being run in Sweden in May, will focus on practising their training skills in front of a live audience (much better than a dead audience!)

Workshop: Management and Leadership

Target audience: Experienced managers looking to further refresh and enhance their management and leadership skills

Audience size: 7

Duration: Two days

Client: Automotive

The Workshop discusses the differences in behaviour between managers and leaders. The Workshop covers topics including: ‘Motivating the team’, ‘Effective Delegation’, ‘Communication Excellence’, and many more and is designed to allow frequent self-assessment by the delegates culminating in a personal action plan.