Workshop: Presentation Skills

This workshop is geared towards experienced managers who already carry out business presentations, but have had little or no formal coaching.

Target audience: Experienced Managers

Audience size: 3

Duration: Two days

Client: Automotive


Workshop: Creating and Leading an Effective Team

This workshop discusses the ingredients and make-up of a high-performing team. The workshop then gives delegates the opportunity to compare their existing team with the ideal and develop strategies for fine-tuning their team’s performance.

Target audience: Experienced Managers

Audience size: 4

Duration: Two days

Location: Daventry, Northamptonshire, England

Workshop: Assessment and Coaching Skills

Target audience: Those responsible for formally assessing and coaching staff and/or colleagues at work.

Audience size: 6

Duration: One-and-a-half days

Client: Automotive

The Workshop includes practical hands-on experience with the client’s on-line assessment tool. This is complemented by a discussion-based workshop covering the essential knowledge, skills and behaviours of the successful coach.

The final session includes the construction of a personal action-plan.