Preparation: Performance Coaching

I spent today, revising and updating our Performance Coaching Workshop due to run in September. I’ve added some extra detail to the session covering the ‘GROW model’ and taken some of the detail out of the body language session (as the attendees will have already covered this on previous development workshops).


Coaching: 1 to 1 – Leadership and Motivation

I’m preparing materials today for a forthcoming 1-to-1 session covering leadership and motivation with an experienced NHS Nurse


¨ Defining ‘Management’ and ‘Leadership’

¨ Behavioural Traits of Leaders and Managers

¨ Why We Need Managers and Leaders

¨ Major Influences on our Management and Leadership Style

¨ A Short History of Measuring Management Style

¨ Measuring your Style as a Leader

¨ The Benefits of your Individual Style(s)

¨ The ‘Dark Side’ of your Style(s)


¨ What Motivates You?

¨ Three Effective Models for Motivation

¨ Recent Research into Management and Staff’s perception of Motivation

¨ Motivation Audit

¨ Motivation Tips