Live Observations

We’ve just completed a series of sessions observing experienced product managers from the road construction industry deliver training sessions to their customers.

The purpose of our sessions was to observe their delivery style as Trainers and offer them 1-to-1 feedback on their technique.

Duration: Two days

Client: Road Construction

Location: Eskilstuna, Sweden


Workshop: Developing your Staff

This workshop is part of our ‘Stepping into Management’ series and discusses the role of the ‘Manager-as-a-Trainer’ and measuring personal leadership style.

Target audience: Managers-to-be/those new to management

Audience size: 5

Duration: Two days

Client: Automotive

Location: Daventry, Northamptonshire, England

Large Contract Awarded for 2011

We learned today that we’ve been invited to deliver a range of management development workshops for a key client based in the UK, during 2011.

The modules will include:

  • ‘Management and Leadership’
  • ‘Executive Presentation Skills’
  • ‘Prioritising your Day’
  • ‘Recruiting the Right Person’
  • ‘Assessment and Coaching Skills’
  • ‘Creating and Leading an Effective Team’
  • ‘Leadership through Relationships’
  • ‘Performance Coaching’
  • ‘Essential Business Writing Skills’

Timetable agreed

We heard back today from one of our clients to confirm the schedule and timescales for my visit to Eskilstuna, Sweden in a few weeks’ time.

I’ll be observing product managers (PMs) delivering their specialised topics to their customers with a view to offering the PMs, feedback on their performance as Trainers.

The nice thing about all of this is that the PMs themselves asked for this event, as a result of the very positive feedback from the two modules covering ‘trainer skills’ that I ran for them earlier this year.

Workshop Venue Update

We’ve just heard back from our client regarding the venue for the Workshops we’re running for them in November and December. Rather than Cologne (my original guess), they’re being held in Munich.

I’m looking forward to returning to the very hospitable Bauer Hotel in Feldkirchen. I was working there in August last year with the same client.

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