Busy, Busy

We’re busy this week getting prepared for three major Workshops running in October and December of this year. At the workshops, we’ll be once again working with experienced product managers from the construction industry to develop their skills as trainers.  

All the materials have been updated based on feedback from our client and the delegates who attended the previous two modules.

All that is left to do is send the handout materials to the printers nearer the time.


Preparation Day

It’s been a particularly busy day here today, as I’ve been ‘final prepping’ for the three Workshops I’m due to run this week.

Tomorrow and Wednesday is a two-day workshop entitled Management and Leadership. This is followed on Thursday with Getting Organised at Work. Finally, on Friday, it’s Effective Writing Skills.

I also found time to offer some extended telephone support to a friend who’s installing some essential software on her shiny new NetBook.